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Ironman Guide

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Ironman Guide


First of all, these are the commands of Arrav. I will be explaining what each of the commands do.

::help (Notifies all online staff that you need help)
::home or ctrl+h (Teleports you home)
::Teleport or ctrl+t (Opens the Teleport interface)
::bank or ctrl+b (You must be emerald donator and above to use this command)
::pos or ctrl+p (Opens the player owned shop, this command can only be used by emerald and above ranks as well)
::zones or ctrl+z (Opens the Zones interface, showing all zone requirement)
::alchall or ctrl+a (Lets you dissolve all alchable items in your inventory, please keep in mind to not use this command if you have important items in inventory)
::stats (Opens up the Items Stats interface. This interface shows the top 100 weapons in different categories and their stats)
::afk (Teleports you to afk stalls, you can have up to 2 accounts at afk)
::drops (Opens the Drop Table interface, you can search any monster and see their drop table)
::log or ctrl+c (Opens the Collection Log)
::whatdrops item name (Shows you what monsters drop the item you're looking for) for example; ::whatdrops cursed sigil
Special Commands as a Iron/UIM/GIM:
Gim have access to a shared bank that is accessed at a bank or with use of Ctrl + G
Uim have access to Upgrade Bank with ::ibank
::Iron a boss that spawns every 2 hours that only ironmen can fight, it drops ironman exclusive pet and aura



Ironman: Trade Restricted | Normal XP Rates | 10% Drop Rate Bonus
Ultimate Ironman: Trade Restricted and Bank Restricted | Normal XP Rates | 10% Drop Rate Bonus
Group Iron: Trade Restricted outside of Members in your Group | Normal XP Rates | 10% Drop Rate Bonus

Discord Integration

Linking your ingame account to your discord account will earn you a free sapphire rank
So what you want to do is ::discord and this should pop up.
If you are curious as to what the Rank benefits are; you can look at the discord you joined and find #donator-benefits in the knowledge base.
Or by clicking


Important Notes

You can use bond from main to help support your Ironman by using $1-$100 bond/scrolls or even now a Battle pass on them.
Server does not allow 'De-Ironing' so make sure you are commited to playing an iron.
There are a few notable pieces of equipment that are very powerful for beginners, for more info look below in the Notable Items section.


Starter Tasks

Once you are all done with the starter phases, you can start working on your ::starter tasks.
The starter tasks consist of 10 total tasks, once you complete all the tasks you will get a crystal chest which you open and you’ll receive a complete starter set up.
The armor set has a total of 4,000 all stat bonuses and 50% drop rate.
The weapons that you receive from the Arrav chest are optional, choose between whichever one you prefer. The weapons are all AoE.


Notable Items

How to get a collector item(automatically picks up and banks drops for you):
Ingame Donator Store.
OP chests.
Skill grinder achievement all 99's in all skills. Will need to relog once 99 in all.
Slayer box U (obtained by upgrading slayer boxes with ::Upgrade).
Slayer store 750 points for necklace or ring.
How to get a AoE Weapon(allows you to attack multiple enemies at once):
Ingame donation store 15 points each.
Voting store 50 vote points each.
Respective boss (melee) Pokemon, (magic) Lugia, and (range) Golden Ape boss.
Slayer shop 600 points each.
Slayer Box U 1/100 chance.
How to get Divine Spirit Shield(blocks incoming damage):
Extreme Mystery Box.
Legendary Mystery Box.
How to get a Mythical Cape(Provides unlimited prayer):
Ingame donation store 10 points.
Slayer box U.
World Boss token store for 250 tokens.



Now to start off zones do ::zones or ctrl+z, the zone tier list has 13 different levels.
You will have to complete the requirement before moving on to the next zone.
You can keep track of how many kills you have on that npc by right clicking and looking at the drops, then look in your chat box it will tell how many kills you have.
You may be thinking that the zone kill requirements are quite high and will take forever to complete.
Well you don’t have to worry about that because you will improve in gear overtime and become much stronger hence the zones will become much faster.


Achievements & Collection Log

You can unlock achievements to earn different rewards, there are easy, medium, hard, and daily tasks. These tasks get harder as you progress but the rewards just get better and better.
(Use ::log to access or ctrl+c)
These achievements can be very profitable as shown in the picture, this is one of the hard tasks that you can work towards for this insane reward.
The collection logs can be completed from killing the monster and collecting all the drops in that log, you will receive the reward for completing the log.
There are a lot of insane rewards that you can get from completing some of these logs, so make sure to work towards the collection log over time as well.


World Bosses

While you are chilling or doing your own thing in the game, you should always watch out for the World bosses.
The best 3 bosses that you should always attend is the vote boss, Nemesis, and Sentinel World bosses.
The vote pet drops 2 vote scrolls, and you have a chance at the vote pet.
The Nemesis drops Nemesis armor pieces, this is very mid to endgame gear and is worth a lot.
The Sentinel Wrodl boss drops Sentinel armor piece and Sentinel weapons, they are currently the 2nd BIS weapons and BIS armor.


The best way to upgrade Weapons/Armor as a starter is to buy or farm Zaros boxes from slayer tasks.
the Zaros boxes are very cheap to buy from pos
You can also upgrade any of the other items in your bank that can be upgraded
If you want to learn more about Upgrading take a look at the Upgrading guide by clicking





These are 3 different minigames that you can enjoy and earn money from as a starter.


Beginner Raid

Unlock requirements 99+ Slayer
For more in-depth guide to Beginner Raids click




Slayer Tasks

Slayer is a very good constant money as you progress further in gear and in tasks.
Slayer is also one of the requirements for the starter task so you’ll start off with medium tasks after you finish your starter tasks.
The most valuable hard task is the Ancient warrior,Ancient ranger, and Ancient mage; they drop an item that will make the 2nd BIS boots.
Those valuable tasks are something to work forward to as you progress through your gear and become stronger.



Mid to Late Game

More in-depth information about Mid to Late game progress can be found by clicking


                                                                 Feel free to join the Discord.gg/Arrav for any more questions 


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