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Mid-Late Game Guide

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Mid to Late Game Guide

First of all, these are the commands of Arrav. I will be explaining what each of the commands do.

::help (Notifies all online staff that you need help)
::home or ctrl+h (Teleports you home)
::Teleport or ctrl+t (Opens the Teleport interface)
::bank or ctrl+b (You must be emerald donator and above to use this command)
::pos or ctrl+p (Opens the player owned shop, this command can only be used by emerald and above ranks as well)
::zones or ctrl+z (Opens the Zones interface, showing all zone requirement)
::alchall or ctrl+a (Lets you alch all alchable items in your inventory, please keep in mind to not use this command if you have important items in inventory)
::stats (Opens up the Items Stats interface. This interface shows the top 100 weapons in different categories and their stats)
::afk (Teleports you to afk stalls, you can have up to 2 accounts at afk)
::drops (Opens the Drop Table interface, you can search any monster and see their drop table)
::log or ctrl+c (Opens the Collection Log)
::whatdrops item name (Shows you what monsters drop the item you're looking for) for example; ::whatdrops cursed sigil


Tips and Gear Progression

I’ll be giving two separated tips for damage and drop rate, both of them are equally important to bring up.
The most damage that you can receive from certain slots is weapons, cape/wings, aura, potion, ranks and pets.
I would recommend that you spend the most on those as they give the biggest bonuses to progressing to the endgame content faster.
Weapon Progression: Arrav Weapons > Sacred Weapons > Crystal Weapons >Corrupted Weapons>Draconic Weapons > TOB Weapons > Endgame Weapons: Holy Weapons > Sanguine Weapons
Cape/Wings Progression: Mythical Cape (inf. pray) > Warped Cape > Sinhaza Cape > Phantom Cape > Max Cape >Expensive Endgame Capes: Completionist Cape > Radiant Cape
Aura Progression: Arrav Aura > Cursed Arrav Aura >Expensive Endgame Aura: Brawler Aura > Reaper Aura > Radiant Aura > Sanguine Aura
Potion Progression: Inf Overload > Super Inf Overload > Expensive Endgame Pots: Extreme Inf Overload > Divine Potion
Boots Progression: Arrav > Battle > Heavenly > Cursed Arrav > Nemesis > Expensive Endgame Boots: Laceration/Fleeting/Blast Diffusion > Radiant
Gloves Progression: Arrav > Battle > Heavenly > Cursed Arrav > Nemesis > Draconic > Expensive Endgame Gloves: Draconic (u) > Radiant 
Rings Progression: Collector Ring(normal > (e) > (ei)) > Vasa's Ring > Draconic Ring > Expensive Endgame Rings: Draconic Ring (u) > Radiant Ring
Necklace Progression: Collector Neck(normal > (e) > (ei)) > Vasa's Neck > Draconic Amulet>Expensive Endgame Necks: Draconic Amulet (u) > Radiant Neck
Shield Progression: Arrav Shield > Cursed Arrav Shield > Heavenly SS/ Aegis of devotion/Bulwark of revenge > Expensive endgame shields: Corrupted SS > Nemesis Shield > Sentinel kiteshield > Olm's great-shield 
Helm/Body/Legs Progression: Arrav Armor > Battle Armor> Cursed Arrav Armor > Nemesis Armor >Endgame armor: Vanguard/Trickster/Battle-mage Armor > Vanguard/Trickster/Battle-mage (u) Armor
Pets Progression: Max Pet > Goku Pet > Arrav Pet > Warmonger Pet > Nex Pet
More in-depth information about Pets can be found by clicking
The best things that increase your drop rate for the cheapest cost are boots, gloves, rings, necklace, shield, and pet.
It's recommended to get at least 370% drop rate for more efficient drops. Ofcourse, the more the better!


Complete Gear Progression Concept

This is the kind of gear that you want to have when you reach midgame progression.
The full Cursed Arrav armor set also have a hidden bonus of 1.05x dmg buff.
The potion that you would want to have is Super Infinite Overload.


Battle Pass

The Battle pass is one of things that you must invest in because this helps progress a lot of your gear after you sell the rewards, or you can open them and test your luck.
After you finish all of your Battle pass progress, you will roughly make about close to twice of what you paid from all the 1-50 tiers. 
After you complete the Battle Pass you will have the option to restart your progress by typing ::resetpass. For more information about this look into the rules located in Discord or consult a member of Staff.
The quickest way to obtain 50 tiers in the Battle pass fast is from vote scrolls, it costs around 185-190 vote scrolls to max out Battle pass. Alternatively the cheaper method would be slayer.
Here is how to gain XP for your Battle Pass:

Nemesis Exchange Shop

The Nemesis Exchange Shop is where you can sell Sinhaza Cape, Cursed Arrav Aura, Phantom Cape, Max Cape, Draconic Items, Nihil Shard, and DR and DMG Boosters.
The Items that you sell to the shop will give you half of the buy cost so example; if you sell a Sinhaza Cape to the shop you will get 45 Nemesis tokens.
The Best things to sell to the Nemesis Exchange shops are the Draconic items.
The 1.5x dmg booster and 1.5x DR booster are the things to save up for when you sell things to the Nemesis Exchange shop.
The scrolls, perks, and boosters can be on at the same time which boosts your damage and drop rate a lot.
The 1.75x Mystic Scroll booster is an endgame booster where you use these items to upgrade to Mystic Scroll booster it gives 1.75x dmg and dr boost.
The Nemesis World Boss will be spawned once 100 Nemesis Tokens have been sacrified.
Half of the value of the item you sell to Nemesis exchange will be sacrificed to the Nemesis.
Players can also manually sacrifice Nemesis Tokens.

Mid Game Boss: Corrupted Hunllef

To unlock the Corrupted Hunllef boss, you will need to kill 25k satans which is on the 9th tier of ::zones.
The Corrupted Hunllef boss drops a Corrupted Shards and Corrupted Sigils.
Corrupted Sigils can be used in a weapon upgrade; Sacred weapons and 3 Corrupted Sigils to make a Corrupted Weapon.
The items can be upgraded via ::Upgrade


Mid Game Boss: Arrav

To unlock Arrav, you need to sacrifice 20m Gold.
The Boss Arrav drops Cursed Sigils which can used to upgrade Battle armor pieces to Cursed Arrav armor pieces.
The Arrav Aura can also be made into a Cursed Arrav Aura.
The items can be upgraded via ::Upgrade


Mid Game Boss: Heavenly Dragon

To unlock the Heavenly Dragon Boss, you need to have a total of 250k NPC kills. You can check by doing ::kills or checking account information.
The Heavenly Dragon Boss can drop Heavenly page 1, 2, and 3. Those three will be used to combine with a Battle boots/ gloves/ or shield.
Right click-use on a Heavenly part then use it on the Battle item, it will be upgraded to Heavenly boots/gloves/ or shield.
The Heavenly Dragon will knock off your prayer so make sure to pay attention to your prayer.


Endgame Boss: Draconic Guardian

To unlock the Draconic Guardian Boss, you need a Corrupted weapon set- Corrupted Bowfa, Corrupted Halberd, Corrupted Staff.
The reason this is a endgame boss and not a midgame boss is because the rate of the upgrade is only 35%.
Should you fail the attempt to make the weapon, you only lose the sigils and gold.
It’s advised to only unlock if you can afford.


Endgame Boss: Warmonger

To unlock the Warmonger boss, you only need 10k Draconic Guardian Boss kills. There is no sacrifice required for this boss.
The Warmonger drops Ancient shards and Ancient Sigils which can be used to make the 2nd BIS weapon in game, TOB (Ancient) weapons.
The success rate of the weapon is 30%.
Should you fail the attempt to make the weapon, you only lose the Sigils and Gold


Endgame Boss: Divine Mage

Divine Mages drops Divine pages which can be sold at a very high price.


Midgame Minigame: Realm of Demons

More in-depth Guide about Realm of Demons can be found by clicking


Good luck, Adventurer!




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