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Boss Requirement Guide

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Boss Requirement Guide


Corrupted Hunllef

Requires 25,000 Satan Killcount!
You can find the Corrupted Hunllef on the Boss Teleports page along with a second room by using the command ::hunllef once you have 25,000 Satan KC!




Requires the sacrifice of 20m Gold.



Draconic Guardian

Requires to sacrifice a Crystal Weapon Set (Crystal Bow, Crystal Staff and a Crystal Halberd)




Requires 10,000 Draconic Guardian Killcount



Heavenly Dragon

Requires 250,000 NPC Killcount



Assassins Guild

Minigame that requires 15k Titan kc and a sacrifice of 3 Crystal weapons to enter
After entering the Assassins guild you have to progress through the tiers
To progress to Tier 2 you must kill 50k Faceless assassins and sacrifice 2 Draconic weapons
To progress to Tier 3 you must kill 100k Lotus warriors and sacrifice a TOB weapon
To progress to an Assassin Master you must kill 150k Shadow Hunters and sacrifice 250m Gold
After completing Tier 3 you become an Assassin master and acquire a (?)



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