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  1. Name: [Tigriukas] Age: [25] Do you have previous admin/moderator experience?: (Please describe any experience you have, if you have any) Like 5 years ago i was support later moderator. not for long time tho i took huge break from all games that i played. In my young days i was Head Admin of cs 1.6 Mix servers in my country Lithuania 🙂 it went for over then 5 years until i quit 1.6 Also i had my own cs 1.6 server. So i have little experience 🙂 Write a brief description about yourself Hi. My name is Julijanas. Im from Lithuania. im kind person and very helpful and most important im honest with anyone. Why do you want to be a [Moderator] for Asteria? Why ? Because i want make Asteria great and full of players. Because Asteria needs staff that is on different time zone 🙂 I am on Eastern time line 🙂 Why do you think you would make a good [Moderator]? Because i dont pick players/server sides. First of all you have to listen to a player look from all aspects and only then make a decision. Because i am very very kind and understanding person. Anything else you wish to add? All i can add here is that i speak 4 different languages. I do play runescape since 2006 i have good understanding of game mechanics. I do still play rs even today and osrs sometimes but its a different story 🙂 Scenario Questions Q) You come on the discord to reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. What would you do in this situation? A)I'll ask them to turn off thier microphone and warn if person continues on same thing then i will kick em from server. Q) You answer a call admin being told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat but no-one has a screenshot. What is your response to this? A )My response would be first tell person that prof is very important thing and next time he needs take at least screenshot of chat. Next step would be to check chat logs if there is any and from chat logs i could determinate mute the person for short time as warn. If the person appears to do same thing then i will drop a permanent mute. Q) You join the server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, How do you react? A) Turn on my recording application. Instantly drop massage to Owner Zeke so he knows what is happening right now. Then i would ask "abuser" to stop doing that. Because it is against rules. I would say that im recording everything and that Zeke was already informed about it. If i have rights id give them ban from game. Q) A player on the server is telling people that she is an admin, and she has taken the name of another admin. What is your response to it? A) First of all id ask that player to stop doing that because it is against rules if player continues then i would mute em for long time. I will only ban player after 3th warn. Would ban help ? Ye but it would make us lose a player. So ban is last thing i would use in worst scenario. Q) You are watching a player that you believe is bug abusing the map, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual bug or just part of the game. What do you do? A) First i would ask player to stop doing that. Then i would go and test my self to see if its a bug or feature. Also i would report this situation to staff chat so we can determinate if is a bug or a feature. Q)you been banned on any server? if yes give us reason A)No never. Only in rs i had been muted and unmuted for not so kind words to moderator as a kid.. 🙂
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